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Our goal is to identify, screen and assess any children that staff or parents feel may be facing challenges in their learning and development, and to provide targeted learning programs of support. The earlier the parents or nursery teachers identify a child struggling with a developmental difficulty, the better their future outcomes. High quality early intervention can change a child’s developmental trajectory and improve their outcomes in school and socialisation.

What Parents are Saying!

My Sons John & Thomas have been with OXFORD for 1 year now in Senior Toddler. I have decided to continue with OXFORD this year also with Pre-K. I decided to go with OXFORD because the facilities and curriculum is focused at all round development of the child. My initial anxiety about sending them to a day care center was erased within few days, as they showed great enthusiasm in going to school. There have been days when they have cried “I want to go to school, I want to see Vidhya/ Swathi ma’am” etc. Thanks to you and your team for your wonderful support, I do not feel so guilty about being a working mom. Best Regards

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