Instilling independent learning, creative thinking and strong values.

OXFORD Preschool Program is designed based on the fundamental understanding that a child’s brain undergoes extraordinary development in the first six years of life. OXFORD helps your child embark on the journey of lifelong learning and lays a solid foundation for academic and social development.

The focus of the OXFORD Preschool program is to instill independent learning, creative thinking & excellent communication skills to arm your children to succeed in tomorrow’s world.

A Day at OXFORD Preschool


Arrival and Free Play


Circle Time & Concept Introduction


Snack Break


Outdoor Play


Exploring the Learning Centres


Storytime, Music & Movement, Role Play

What Parents are Saying!

We are very happy and proud to be associated with OXFORD(Prestige Tech Park, Bangalore). Our daughter, Tanishka, has been enrolled here since Feb 2016 and what an amazing transformation she has had over the past 6 months. From a socially shy person to a completely outgoing child – It is a treat for our eyes to see her evolving every day both cognitively and emotionally. The biggest credit goes to OXFORD staff at PTP, the curriculum, the policies and their positive attitude to all our concerns.

When Tanishka waves us bye every morning with a radiant smile and greets us with the same smile back in the evening, it makes us feel that we have chosen the right school for her. Tanishka’s happiness, her love for her teachers, friends and the everyday surprises she gives us in the form of rhymes and activities when she is back home are the biggest reason for us to testify the credibility of OXFORD. It tells a lot about the positive environment at the school when your child asks you to drop her to school on weekends. A big thanks to team OXFORD PTP for giving Tanishka love and care and the wings to fly like a free bird and explore in initial and very important years of her life. You are shaping lives of our children and we as first time parents have learnt a lot from you to better our parenting as well. Thanks SO much!

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